2nd year internship:

new experience

Lyubov Obsholova
2 min readMay 5, 2021
Yay, this year I had real interniship experience!
Yay, this year I had real interniship experience!

As all of us know, 2020 was not the best year for tourism industry. In April 2020, hotels, restaurants and most of the others business were closed. There was only a little possibility to take an internship in my field.

Now, in 2021, it’s more possible because tourism slowly comes to life again.

I had my internship this time in НижегородИнТур — it’s a tourist company that specialized mostly on domestic tourism and offers a diversity of tours for all tastes.

Their logo

It was nice to go there every day and I felt like I really worked there. I didn’t have enough time to try every type of work and I wanted to try, but maybe another time I will 😄

What did I have to do?

Well, I was responsible for online-activity of the company. It means that I was…

  • sending and creating the mailings for agencies and other tourist companies;
  • adding already existing tours to tour markets;
  • creatig accounts for tour agencies to the company online-booking system;
  • studying working mechnisms of НижегородИнТур’s website.
Sometimes I felt like this:-)

My thoughts

I think I’ve done it well and nothing I’ve done was useless. It was a nice experience to see how it works on the other side, when you are not a customer, but a seller.

Honestly, it was quite noisy in the office all the time, when from 2 corners there are phone calls, in the other there are a tourist explaining what he wants and in the other sit I and try to understand where I am. But 3–5 days and you don’t even pay attention for this.

It’s a job that I would do, but there are so little possibility to use English. It very upsets me because I think I was born for better 🤔

What’s next?

Maybe I’ll try to work with them again to gain more experience I didn’t have possibility to gain during my internship and to learn more how the industry works. I like the team and their professional attitude to their job. Anyway, once I hope to get a job where I will be able to use foreign languages too.

Time will tell!