That we carved in stone // are only memories after all ©

Session is coming; For me, It’ll be like save point, or bonfire

Hi, future me! I hope now you know the answer on this question. Time flies fast, right?

So many moments happened this year. Happy and desperate, awkward and amusing. …

new experience

Yay, this year I had real interniship experience!
Yay, this year I had real interniship experience!

As all of us know, 2020 was not the best year for tourism industry. In April 2020, hotels, restaurants and most of the others business were closed. There was only a little possibility to take an internship in my field.

Now, in 2021, it’s more possible because tourism slowly comes…

its types and pecularities

Written communication involves every type of message that makes use of the written word. It’s the most important and the most effective of any mode of business communication. There are some forms of it:

in American business

A communication code is a system of meanings that is relevant to members of a particular culture. American culture have its own communication codes.

Some of them are connected with the way Americans do business.

Small talk

and how to make them successfully


Business communication is the process of sharing information between employees within and oudside a company. You have to do it in an effective way to reach organizational goals and be more aligned with the core company values.

So what are the forms of business communication?

of Russian culture.

Country home or dacha is one of the most famous Russian features that is known for the biggest part of Russian people. It is strongly connected with the other features, which are not so obvious, but are also important.

Why Russian people have dachas? Let’s find out!

  1. First, they love

about American culture

After reading the article “A foreign student sees the USA” written by Lars Jaxwall, I was wowed by the fact that American people are very hospitable!

Lars is a 23-year-old student from Sweden who made a 3 month-long trip around America. He said, that during this period of time he had had to sleep one night outdoors and 5 nights in motels. And the rest he spent in the homes of friendly and generous people.

The fact that you give shelter for someone who needs it has its roots from religious ground, I think. For Americans, whose beliefs are strongly connected with religion. it’s obvious.

But I didn’t expect that their friendliness and hospitality are so widespreaded for those who belong to another culture or country.

Nice feature for me to remember:-)

and the weather in the different seasons of the year.

It’s hard to describe every climate in my counry because Russia is so big and has a lot different climate zones.

I decided to talk about the climate of Central European Russia — it is temperate continental and has 4 seasons of the year which are clearly expressed.

Lyubov Obsholova

A piece of peace

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