A Surprising fact

After reading the article “A foreign student sees the USA” written by Lars Jaxwall, I was wowed by the fact that American people are very hospitable!

Lars is a 23-year-old student from Sweden who made a 3 month-long trip around America. He said, that during this period of time he had had to sleep one night outdoors and 5 nights in motels. And the rest he spent in the homes of friendly and generous people.

The fact that you give shelter for someone who needs it has its roots from religious ground, I think. For Americans, whose beliefs are strongly connected with religion. it’s obvious.

But I didn’t expect that their friendliness and hospitality are so widespreaded for those who belong to another culture or country.

Nice feature for me to remember:-)




A piece of peace

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Lyubov Obsholova

Lyubov Obsholova

A piece of peace

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