Forms of Business Communication

and how to make them successfully

Lyubov Obsholova
4 min readApr 18, 2021


Business communication is the process of sharing information between employees within and oudside a company. You have to do it in an effective way to reach organizational goals and be more aligned with the core company values.

So what are the forms of business communication?


Emai is one of the most commonly used features over communications networks that may contain text, files, images, or other attachments. It’s not like a letter nowadays and it has its own rules:

  1. Every email needs to have a takeaway at the beginning. Takeaway means what the purpose of your writing is and why you’re writing an email.

2. Bold specific information to highlight an action someone needs to do.

3. In one email ask for one thing only.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful form of business communication that has transformed the way the exchange of information takes place. Millions of people access social media daily, which means brands can find the majority of their customer base in one single place. This is also the perfect place for brands to communicate and collaborate with other brands.

These ways can help you to use social media for your business successfully:

  1. Answer people’s questions if you’re in a position to help — whether they’re directly related to your business or not.
  2. Create original content that informs, empowers, educates and entertains.
  3. When updating statuses and tweets, and sending emails, proofread!

Conference calls

A business conference call is simply a telephone call involving three or more people. Today video calls are more popular than telephone. It allows people in different geographic locations to “meet” at a prearranged time via video, or to resolve an business issue in life-format. Conference calling can be vital to the success of a business, as it can greatly facilitate business communications.

Keys to top conference calls:

  1. Use high quality equipment. Whithout it, the conference call will be finished before it even begins.
  2. Stay focused on the agenda. Keep meeting agenda organized, because it helps to hold the participant’s attention and not to lenghten the meeting by discussing thing off-topic.
  3. Take time for final comments to clarify everything that was misunderstood and to repeat important information.

Written reports

Reports are documents written to record and convey information to the reader. A business report is an orderly presentation of facts about specific activity. Business reports use facts and research to study data, analyze performance, and provide recommendations on a company’s future.

Signs of a good report:

  1. Every fact must be clear and verifiable. Lack of clarity will fail to serve the purpose.
  2. Objectivity is crucial — avoid subjective descriptions. A business report should remain impersonal and framed from the company’s perspective.
  3. Reader-orientation. A report is meant for a particular person. It is necessary to keep in mind the person who is going to read the report.


Business presentation can be defined as a formal event characterized by teamwork and use of audio-visual aids. It is accompaied by a brief speech and the main purpose of this presentation is to give information and to persuade the audience to act.

Characteristics of effective business presentation:

  1. A good presentation must be planned. The speaker must plan how to begin and to end the presentation, what to speak in the middle of presentation without losing audience interests at any point of time.
  2. Keep it simple: concentrate on your core message. And if what you are planning to say doesn’t contribute to that core message, don’t say it.
  3. To communicate the desired information, the speaker should use more of visual aids such as transparencies, diagrams, pictures, charts, etc. Organize all the visuals for making a logical and sound presentation.

Using different forms of business communication is essential for success and growth of every organization. For a professional, it’s a must to know them and be able to work in an effective way.