The Czech Republic

new words from the last topic in this year

More words for the God of new words!


gently rising and falling.

I’m dreaming to move somewhere with rolling hills and ponds.


to get control or influence.

Decency and justice must prevail in fact, not just in words.


amount of water that falls from the clouds in different forms (rain, snow, etc.).

Weather is expected to be warm with no chance of precipitation.


the state of being successful and having a lot of money.

It seems like prosperity in this place is contagious.

to merge

to combine or to join together.

I think we shouls merge agains the common enemy.


grateful because of help given.

After that, I’ll always be indebted.


a smal ball of dough, cooked in hot liquid;

a small piece of dough wrapped around fish, meat or vegetables and cooked in oil, steam, or boiling water;

a sweet food made of fruit covered in a sweet dough and baked.

Okay, who gets an extra dumpling?

A piece of peace